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L'@rt d'écrire, it is more than 20 million words translated from English to French in the last ten years, thanks to the trust of our customers, who want to communicate in French in Canada.

With our team of experienced collaborators, we can manage large and various projects. But everything we deliver to our clients is edited by one of us. 

We translate from English to French for the Canadian market, and we edit only in French because it is our native language and we know all its subtleties. 
Our team
Laetitia Bourgne
OTTIAQ Certified Translator
Frédérique Izaute
Editor, member of EDITORS OF CANADA

Laetitia has been translating for over ten years. After working for a company for a few years, she joined her forces with Frédérique in 2012 to start L'@rt d'écrire. With a passion for innovation in technologies and medicine, she is especially thorough and always finds the right word.

Translator and experienced editor, Frédérique built herself a solid reputation for quality control. She excels particularly in marketing in various fields: from jewelry to medical instruments.

Notre équipe
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